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Which material is better for baby mattress?

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Babies also need mattresses. The use of mattresses by babies has long been a norm in western countries, but it has not been paid much attention in China. But now parents are very careful about the care of babies, so baby mattresses are becoming more and more popular. So, what kind of material is better for baby mattress fabric?
The main function of the baby mattress is to support the baby's body, prevent spine deformation, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, contribute to the healthy development of the baby, and make the baby sleep more comfortably. Let's take a look at the material of the baby mattress.
1. Natural latex is the liquid flowing out of rubber tree during tapping. It is milky white, anti-mite, anti-bacteria, and breathable. In addition, natural latex mattress has good elasticity, no vibration and noise, and the baby can sleep peacefully without being disturbed. However, this kind of natural latex mattress also has its minor defect, that is, it is too soft for the baby to turn over.
2. coconut palm mattress is a mattress made of coconut shell fibers. Coconut trees are evergreen trees. Coconut is the fruit of coconut tree. Its outer layer is covered with brown fibers. This brown fiber is called coconut palm.
There are two ways of doing this in coconut palm mattress. One way is to weave a net mattress with rope twisted with coconut palm. The other way is to lay coconut flakes on the spring of the mattress. Coconut palm mattress has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, air permeability, moisture absorption, high elasticity and durability.
3. The hard cotton mattress is characterized by sufficient air permeability and full resilience. It is washable, flame retardant and nontoxic. It