HangZhou YuHao Clothing Co., Ltd.
HangZhou YuHao Clothing Co., Ltd.
HangZhou YuHao Clothing Co., Ltd.

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Professional Manufacturer Since 1989

Hangzhou YUHAO Cloth was established in 1989, and has been a professional company dedicated to modern mattress fabric. Our company covers 100000 square meters, and has been honored "AAA enterprise" of Hangzhou enterprise credit rating, "Xiaoshan brand products", and "Hangzhou famous brand" of our "YUHAO trademark". Meanwhile, our company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system accreditation and all our fabrics have passed the inspection of EU REACH and accreditation of German Hein Stan Oeko-TexStand100. xStand100 certificater.

OEM/ODM Custom Knitted Mattress Fabric Manufacturers and Printed Woven Mattress Fabric Factory in China



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HangZhou YuHao Clothing Co., Ltd. HangZhou YuHao Clothing Co., Ltd.

Functional Mattress Fabric

We mainly consider the comfort and practicability of our functional mattress fabric, which is the be...

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Knitted Mattress Fabric

Engineered with the latest knitting technology, our fabrics offer a unique blend of softness, flexib...

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Latex Pillow Fabric

Our exclusive collection of latex pillow fabrics is meticulously designed to provide you with the ul...

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Baby Knitted Fabric

Our baby-knitted fabrics are crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure a gentle touch aga...

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