What are the benefits of graphene fabrics?


Can be made of thinner materials, but also the toughest […]

Can be made of thinner materials, but also the toughest materials, breaking strength is 200 times higher than the best steel. At the same time, it has good elasticity, and the stretching range can reach 20% of its size.
The most promising application of graphene is to become a substitute for silicon, to make ultra-micro transistors, and to produce future supercomputers. By replacing silicon with graphene, computer processors will run hundreds of times faster.
In addition, graphene is almost completely transparent, absorbing only 2.3% of light. On the other hand, it is very dense and cannot penetrate even the smallest gas atoms (hydrogen atoms). These characteristics make it very suitable as a raw material for transparent electronic products, such as transparent touch display screens, light-emitting panels and solar panels.
Graphene, as the thinnest, most powerful, and strongest conductive and thermally conductive nanomaterials currently found, is known as "black gold" and is the "king of new materials". Scientists even predict that graphene will "revolutionize the 21st century ". It is very likely to set off a disruptive new technology and new industry revolution sweeping the world.

Graphene inner warm fiber
Graphene inner warm fiber is a new type of intelligent multifunctional fiber material composed of biomass graphene and various types of fibers. It has a low-temperature far-infrared function that surpasses the international advanced level, and integrates antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, antistatic, etc. Acting in one body, it is known as "epoch-making revolutionary fiber."

2. Graphene inner warm fiber filaments and staple fibers are complete in specifications. The staple fibers can be blended with natural fibers such as cotton wool and linen, and other various fibers such as polyester acrylic fibers. The filaments can be interwoven with various fibers. Preparation of yarn fabrics with different functional requirements.
In the field of textiles, it can be made into underwear, underwear, socks, baby clothes, home textiles, outdoor clothing, etc. The use of graphene inner warming fibers is not limited to the field of clothing, but can also be applied to vehicle interiors, beauty and medical materials, friction materials, filter materials, and the like.

3. Graphene inner fleece material
Graphene inner warm fleece is produced by blending and spinning biomass graphene in polyester blank chips.
This technology not only makes full use of renewable low-cost biomass resources, but also fully displays the magical function of biomass graphene in the fiber, and obtains new textile materials with high performance and high added value. Graphene inner warm fleece material has far-infrared heating, warm and breathable, antistatic, antibacterial and other multi-functional properties. As a filling material used in quilts, down jackets, etc., it has great significance to enhance the innovation ability of the textile industry and promote the development of high value-added products And market value.