• Precautions when purchasing mattresses

    Precautions when purchasing mattresses

    1. Look at the mattress from the product logo. Genuine mattress, the product is marked with: registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, certificate of conformity and credit card. On the contrary, it may be a counterfeit product with a low price. 2. Judging the quality of the ... read more

    Jun 29,2019 News
  • How to care for the mattress?

    How to care for the mattress?

    1. Flip regularly. In the first year of use, every two or three months are reversed, left and right, and the force is averaged. 2, Good quality sheets, not only absorb sweat, but also keep the cloth clean. 3. Keep it clean. Clean the mattress regularly and do not wash it directly with water. Also do... read more

    Jul 05,2019 News
  • Mattress maintenance

    Mattress maintenance

     How to do a good job of mattress maintenance? Mainly pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Do not bend or fold the mattress when handling; 2. Remove the plastic film before use; 3. Before use, set the cleaning pad to ensure long-term use; 4, Use 3 to 4 months or so, adjust the mattress to turn... read more

    Jul 13,2019 News
  • What should I pay attention to when choosing a mattress?

    What should I pay attention to when choosing a mattress?

    1, Mattress material selection There are many kinds of materials used in mattresses. At present, the mattresses on the market are mainly latex mattresses, full-brown mattresses, spring mattresses, foam mattresses and air mattresses. The effects of various mattresses are also different. For example, ... read more

    Jul 19,2019 News
  • Jacquard fabric

    Jacquard fabric

    When the fabric is woven, the warp and weft structure is used to form a flower pattern, the yarn count is fine, and the raw cotton is extremely demanding. It can be divided into woven, warp-knitted and weft-knitted jacquard. The weft-knitted fabric has good elasticity when it is pulled horizontally ... read more

    Jul 27,2019 News