• The difference between hot stamping and thermal transfer

    The difference between hot stamping and thermal transfer

    1. Hot stamping, commonly known as "hot stamping" refers to the text and pattern of materials such as hot stamping foils on the seal or seal of the hardcover book cover and the back of the book, or the various titles of the bumps or the like by hot pressing. Pattern. Thermal transfer is a new way to... read more

    Oct 12,2019 News
  • Jacquard fabric maintenance method

    Jacquard fabric maintenance method

    Washing: The clothing is made of protein-like delicate health care fiber. Washing should not be rubbed in rough articles and washed with washing machine. The clothes should be immersed in cold water for 5-10 minutes, and low-foaming detergent or neutral can be synthesized with special silk detergent... read more

    Oct 26,2019 News
  • Knitted fabric

    Knitted fabric

    A Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by bending a yarn into a loop by a knitting needle and splicing each other. Knitted fabrics differ from woven fabrics in that they have different shapes in the fabric. Knitting is divided into weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric. At present, knitted fabric... read more

    Nov 01,2019 News
  • Knitted fabric characteristics

    Knitted fabric characteristics

    Knitted fabrics are fabrics that are connected by loops of the coils and are a large variety of fabrics. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity, moisture absorption and breathability, and are comfortable and warm. They are the most widely used fabrics for children's wear. The raw materials are mainly ... read more

    Nov 09,2019 News
  • Knitted fabrics have creases/chicken paw prints

    Knitted fabrics have creases/chicken paw prints

    Knitting fabrics appear crease / chicken paw print reasons: 1. Cooling speed is too fast 2. The matching between the cloth and the nozzle is not good, and the speed control of the vehicle is not suitable! 3. The best way for creases of heavy fabrics and fully lined stretch fabrics is to pre-dye befo... read more

    Nov 15,2019 News