Characteristics of several mattress fabrics


Knitted Fabric: It has the characteristics of soft text […]

Knitted Fabric: It has the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption, perspiration and warmth, and most of them have excellent elasticity and extensibility.
Jacquard cloth: soft, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing).
Water-spraying cloth: full of feel, good follow-up, good shape retention and three-dimensional effect.
Huayao: It is printed and dyed with environmentally friendly technology. It has bright colors, lustrous and lustrous, soft handfeel and stylish and beautiful positioning.
Fuchunfang: Spinning silk fabric, smooth silk surface, smooth handfeel, soft gloss and good moisture absorption.
Corduroy: coarsely divided according to the velvet: extra thin strips, medium strips, wide strips, etc., the fluff is full, the texture is thick, and the warmth is good.
Luxurious knit fabric: rich in texture, beautifully patterned, rich in style and color.
Pai Lisi: Light and thin variety, using the method of dyeing the tops, spreading even white spots.