Causes of creases / chicken marks on knitted fabrics


Solution This is normal in overflow staining, if it is […]

This is normal in overflow staining, if it is more serious:

The first step: see if your cloth is pre-determined. It is best to pre-determine the spandex stretch cloth like you.

Step 2: See if your operation is reasonable, and there is no unsmooth operation of the dye tank.

Step 3: See if your heating and cooling rate is too fast. This is the place to pay attention to in the future reproduction. If it is not too serious, it can be solved by widening the inverse setting when the finished product is set. If it is more serious, it is recommended to wash it in a tank at 95 degrees for 10 minutes, and then slowly cool it down to about 50 degrees to drain it. Cylinder, which basically solves this problem. One more thing to say is that when it is dehydrated, it is only 70% dry. It is too dry and it is prone to wrinkles. Many of his chicken paw prints are caused by leaving it for too long after dehydration. Kill within hours, otherwise it will be easy to get up.