Baby clothing design principles


Practicality, economy and fashion are what must be cons […]

Practicality, economy and fashion are what must be considered in the design of baby clothing.
In terms of practical economics, first of all, it is necessary to start from the physiological characteristics of the baby. The baby loves to sweat, the defecation function is not perfect, and it is slow to adapt to the outside temperature.
Another feature is the fast growth of the baby's body shape. The cuffs and trousers are designed with cuffs to increase the wear time of the garment. On the sleep products, the sleeping bag adopts an expandable design so that the baby can grow up. Continue to use it as a quilt.
In terms of beauty and fashion, the popular colors and patterns of adult clothes cannot be completely transferred to baby clothes. They should be selected and applied according to the small size of the baby. Some baby animals' ears or small insect tentacles are used as the baby's hat. Decorations, cute animals, flowers and small geometric patterns can be used as decoration on the fabric. Popular colors should be selected for the color, but it should be suitable for babies and not too deep or too heavy.
The design of baby clothes is different from that of older children's clothing. When a newborn is born into this world, what ways do we have to meet, care for, and ensure his healthy growth, and how to guide this young child to be able to Becoming the receiver of this world's beauty, the receiver of beauty, and eventually the creator of beauty, these are the issues that our design should consider.