What kinds of fabrics are there for mattresses?


Cotton fabrics, canvas fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, b […]

Cotton fabrics, canvas fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, bamboo charcoal fabrics, 3D fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, jute fabrics, jacquard fabrics, and filigree fabrics, etc., come in many varieties.
There are five types of mattresses we usually have:
1. Palm Mattress: Made of palm fiber, generally hard texture, or slightly soft in the hard. The mattress is relatively inexpensive. It has natural palm odor when used, has poor durability, is easy to collapse and deform, has poor support performance, and is not easy to maintain and is prone to mold or mildew.
2. Modern brown mattress: Made of mountain brown or coir with modern adhesive. Environmentally friendly. The difference between the mountain brown and the coir mattress is that the mountain brown has good toughness, but the supporting force is insufficient. The overall support and durability of the coconut palm are better, the force is even, and the relative brown is hard.
3. Latex mattress: Natural latex emits a light creamy fragrance, which is closer to nature, soft and comfortable, and breathable, and the oak protein in latex can inhibit the bacteria and allergens, but the cost is high.
4.3D mattress: consists of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wire. Double-sided mesh determines the unmatched breathability of traditional materials. The middle connecting wire is 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament, which guarantees the return of 3D mesh. elasticity.
5. Spring mattress: It is a modern mattress with better performance. Its core is composed of spring. The pad has the advantages of good elasticity, better supportability, strong gas permeability and durability.