What is the introduction of commonly used interlining fabrics?


Introduction of commonly used interlining fabrics 1. Co […]

Introduction of commonly used interlining fabrics
1. Commonly used lining cloths include wool lining, linen lining, cloth lining and chemical lining
(1) Wool lining lining is hard to touch and has good elasticity. It is mostly used for lining of high-grade fabrics.
(2) Hemp lining lining has good elasticity and moderate stiffness, suitable for lining of tunic suits and suits.
(3) The cloth lining type has a smooth surface, thick feeling, soft texture, certain stiffness and elasticity. It is a lining cloth for general clothing.
(4) The chemical lining material does not shrink, does not change color, does not degumming, does not penetrate the material, has high adhesion fastness, and is resistant to washing. It has a soft touch, fullness and good elasticity, and is widely used.
2. Common linings and uses
〈一〉Cotton fabric lining
(1) Mainly cloth, coarse cloth, flat cloth, the fabric is strong and wear-resistant, warm and comfortable is the affordable lining of cotton clothes.
(2) Cotton/dimensional blended fabric can be used as low-grade suit lining.
<2> Silk fabric lining and use Pure silk silk lining is firm in texture, resistant to dirt, soft and comfortable, and has a shrinkage rate of about 5%. It is an ideal lining for silk and velvet clothing.
<3> Purified fiber fabric lining and chemical fiber interwoven fabric lining
(1) Purified fiber fabric, strong and wear-resistant, smooth and neat, mainly used for lining of down jacket and jacket.
(2) The satin lining interwoven with rayon is smooth and soft, comfortable and firm, wear-resistant, ideal for linings such as suits, fur coats, woolen coats and down jackets.
(3) The spinning lining of rayon has a smooth satin surface, soft and smooth feel, soft color, and not close to the body. It is mainly used for velvet clothing lining.
(4) Cotton weft woven by rayon and cotton yarn, the silk surface is shiny, the hand is hard, and it is smooth, so it is suitable for casual wear.