What is burnt-out cloth?


Brief Introduction Burnt-out fabric: A thin and light b […]

Brief Introduction

Burnt-out fabric: A thin and light blended fabric with a translucent floral pattern on the surface. It has good air permeability, stable size, firm and firm, fast drying and no ironing. It is generally used for decorative fabrics such as napkins, pillowcases, tablecloths, bed covers, curtains, etc. It can also be used for shirts, skirts, etc. It can also be processed through embroidery, drawn-out, etc. to make the product more noble and beautiful. Burnt-out cloth is usually made of polyester filament covered with colored cotton fiber core yarn, woven into a fabric and printed with an acid paste, dried and steamed, so that the printed cotton fiber is hydrolyzed and rotten, and washed, that is Translucent flower shape with only polyester. When printing acid paste, white paint can also be used as the edge of the burnt-out part; or acid-resistant disperse dyes can be added to the acid paste to color the polyester fiber of the burnt-out part; or the paint can be printed as an anti-printing Color paste, then overprint the acid paste to produce anti-printing effect on the printed part of the paint; or dye the semi-finished product before burnt-out, and then burnt-out, etc.; make the flower shape colorful. At present, burnt fabric blanks are also woven with blended yarns of viscose fiber-coated polyester filament, acetate fiber-coated polyester filament, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/hemp, etc.