What is bedding and some related introductions?


Bedding fabrics: Fabric refers to the fabric used to ma […]

Bedding fabrics:
Fabric refers to the fabric used to make the finished surface in bedding. In addition to the inherent quality requirements, the requirements for the fabric must also have a good appearance. The tear strength of the surface cloth, wear resistance, moisture absorption, and hand feel should be good. The shrinkage should be controlled within 1%, and the color fastness is in line with National standard fabrics can be used.
1. The development of bedding fabrics: China's traditional bedding fabrics are relatively simple, with only woolen cotton, silk and satin; the mid-1980s rose to the quilt, and the fabrics used acrylic and polyester cotton; until the early 1990s It is only in small batches of combed cotton fabrics. To this day, expensive cotton fabrics such as satin, jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics have gradually been accepted and become the mainstream of the market.
2. Features of several main fabrics: polyester, cotton, polyester, acrylic, silk, linen and some blended fabrics are suitable for bedding. Among them, polyester and cotton fabrics are the most commonly used.

Bedding filler
1. Filling material refers to the inner core material used in bedding. The traditional filling material is mainly cotton batting. There are also a few areas where some natural materials such as chrysanthemum and buckwheat husk are used as pillow filling material. Traditional cotton batting only undergoes preliminary processing, without degreasing treatment, and it is very easy to get wet. It will become moldy after a long period of use, and the body will be heavy and moist. Therefore, after the introduction of new filling materials, cotton batting is quickly eliminated. Nowadays, the land used by urban residents generally uses all kinds of polyester fiber as a filling bedding.
2. There are many varieties of polyester fiber. Here we are referring to a special polyester product with a full name of "polyester hollow three-dimensional crimped short fiber" for bedding. This material was originally used as a toy filler, so Commonly known as doll cotton. This fiber is hollow, and after high temperature treatment, the fiber is curled, fluffy and soft, and has excellent elasticity and thermal insulation. "Polyester hollow three-dimensional crimped staple fiber" can be divided into a variety of types according to the number of holes and the degree of crimp, which will not be described in detail here.