What are the common styles of textile fabrics?


First, the stiffness: when you touch the fabrics, you f […]

First, the stiffness: when you touch the fabrics, you feel the rigidity, the opponent's reaction force, and the feeling of elasticity and fullness. For example, the feel of a high density fabric made of elastic fibers and yarns. To make the fabric stiff, it should use coarser fibers, increase fiber modulus, increase yarn tightness and weaving density.
Second, softness: Softness refers to the softness, lightness, fluffiness, strong slippery feel, firmness, flatness and smoothness of the hand. The fabric has a soft feeling, which can improve the bulkiness of the yarn, and the finer yarn is selected, and the weaving density cannot be too high.
Third, fullness: the fabric is fluffy, giving people a feeling of looseness and fullness. The compression rebound is good, giving a warm and thick feeling.
Fourth, flexibility: follow the soft deformation of the body surface performance.