What are the clothing classification and fabric selection?


Clothing classification and fabric selection According […]

Clothing classification and fabric selection

According to the style of clothing
1. Gorgeous classical style clothing and fabric selection

The gorgeous classic style is a style of clothing that is mainly characterized by elegance, subtlety and high harmony, and is not affected by fashion. It has a strong tendency of nostalgia and retro. Emphasizing flawless design language, rigorous style and elegant style. Through the nearly perfect design and production of silhouette, structure, material, color, decoration, craftsmanship, it shows the fashion and aesthetic will of the upper society.
In the choice of fabrics, such as taffeta, velvet, silk satin, crepe, gold and silver velvet, georgette, lace and other materials with gorgeous classic style, the noble sense of quality is the focus of selection. In the production, it is combined with exquisite handicrafts, such as embroidery and inlay, to create an elegant classic style.
2. Soft and romantic style clothing and fabric selection

The feminine and romantic style is the mainstream of women's fashion in recent years, referring to the sweet, soft and dreamlike image of pure romantic women. It is mainly reflected in soft and round lines, light and varied colors, soft and elegant thin fabrics, printed patterns with small circulation, foam sleeves, lace, piping, inlays and embroidery.
In the choice of fabrics, soft, smooth and drape fabrics are often used, such as georgette, chiffon, flexible thin knitted fabrics velvet, velvet, feathers, tulle and lace, specially processed natural texture fabrics, imitating natural texture fabrics Wait. Cooperate with details such as color embroidery, beaded embroidery, printed weaving, and wood ears to fully express the feminine and romantic image of women.

3. Pastoral pure style clothing and fabric selection

The idyllic design is against false magnificence, cumbersome decoration and carved beauty, and pursues a kind of primitive, simple and natural beauty that does not require any decoration. The idyllic style clothing is mainly characterized by bright, fresh, and local flavors. The natural casual, generous and loose styles, natural materials, and natural colors show a relaxed and tranquil taste.
In the choice of fabrics, cotton, hemp, silk and other pure natural fiber fabrics are often used, such as small squares, uniform stripes, cotton fabrics with various beautiful flower patterns, cotton lace, lace, bows, hollow fabrics, etc. are all pastoral The most common elements in the style, plus a variety of plant fiber wide woven ornaments, a large texture effect, rough lines, full of style.
3. Urban uniform style clothing and fabric selection

The design characteristics of the urban uniform style, the cutting is generally simple, and the style is tough. With obvious uniform details, such as epaulettes, numbering numbers, camouflage prints, multi-pocket trousers, belts, straps, and delicate button decorations. Pay attention to practicality, focus on functionality, and show the beauty of smart and chic masculine.
In the selection of fabrics, mostly hard and stiff fabrics are used, washed denim, washed cotton, khaki, corduroy, tweed fabrics, leather, etc. Army green, earthy yellow, brown, camouflage are commonly used colors. With metal buckle ornaments, multiple zippers, breasts, multiple pockets and thick waistband, it makes people feel handsome and attractive.

V. Avant-garde style clothing and fabric selection

The avant-garde style is mainly characterized by negating tradition, setting new ground, and creating art forms unprecedented by predecessors. It shows a rebellious and innovative spirit of traditional ideas. It is a design that seeks new directions by making a breakthrough exploration of classic aesthetic standards. Exaggerated and cartoony techniques are used, or they are different, or they have strange shapes, or witty humor, showing a mockery of modern civilization and a challenge to traditional culture.
In the choice of fabrics, designers often use contrast thinking and reverse thinking to break the visual habits and seek the imperfect aesthetic as the dominant idea. The fur and metal, leather and tulle, hollow and solid pattern, transparent and The combination of various materials such as overlap, flash and matt gives people the feeling of "shock". Such as: using modern high-tech means, using transparent plastic, bright patent leather, to create an incredible future world, showing unlimited imagination of the future.