What are the benefits of graphene underwear?


Graphene underwear mainly refers to underwear products […]

Graphene underwear mainly refers to underwear products made of graphene functional textile materials in whole or in part. Its benefits are also due to the use of graphene functional fibers for some modification properties, including far-infrared, durable antibacterial, Moisture absorption and ventilation, etc .; With the development of material technology, graphene has only been applied to the textile field in recent years. In fact, there is nothing too magical. In fact, it is just like Leica, nylon and other textile materials, it is a great promotion for the textile industry, it only takes a certain time to gradually get consumer and market recognition.

Therefore, there is no need to exaggerate or depreciate. In fact, it is the same as many new materials, because its appearance can make our daily lives better. Because of the special properties of graphene, it is actually a better choice for underwear. If men's underwear is used, it can effectively alleviate the symptoms of wetness, itching, odor and scrotum in men, and can prevent prostatitis. And women's underwear, can inhibit bacteria and odor, care for the uterus, can prevent female cervicitis, cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases. In addition, graphene bras can promote women's breast microcirculation and reduce the incidence of breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.