Selection criteria for baby clothing


First, there are different requirements for baby's unde […]

First, there are different requirements for baby's underwear and outerwear. For infant clothing, hygiene standards are relatively high, and the frequency of infant underwear replacement is much higher than that of outer clothing. And compared to a variety of coats, baby underwear is relatively cheap. Therefore, when parents buy clothes for their babies, they have to calculate well. The most reasonable ratio is that the number of underwear is twice that of outerwear. At the same time, the baby's skin is delicate, so the choice of underwear must be a natural fiber with good moisture absorption and perspiration, such as cotton fabrics. The outer clothing is more functional and practical. At the same time, the growth rate of babies is very low. For economic reasons, you don't need to buy too many clothes.
Secondly, the style selection of baby clothing requires clear functionality, which must be convenient for parents and comfortable for the baby. Generally, there are no buttons on baby's clothing, because they are afraid that the baby may eat it by mistake, so they use a strap instead. This reminds parents not to put unnecessary decorations on the baby's clothes or choose some clothes with accessories to avoid harm to the baby. At the same time, the collar type that is most suitable for babies is the round neck, which will not make the clothing rub the baby's neck and feel uncomfortable. In summer, the neckline should be lowered and enlarged to make it easier to breathe. In winter, the neckline should be reduced and heightened to keep warm. It is worth noting that parents' visual nerves are not yet developed, so it is not appropriate to use irritating colors such as red and green for the clothing of younger infants. For babies, shoes need not be prepared too early, because babies learn to walk after eight or nine months, and they have more chances to wear socks than shoes, so prepare more socks because socks are extremely easy to lose , So it is best to choose the same style suit, if you lose one, you can still pair and wear it. Two-piece clothes are easy to loosen, and the stretchable jumpsuit is more suitable for babies.
Third, we need to treat the principle of the freshman number one differently. For pants, sweaters, sweatshirts and other outerwear, you can deal with the larger size. Roll up your pants legs and roll up your sleeves, and you can wear one or two more seasons. For personal underwear, it is necessary to avoid being too large and losing its warm and comfortable function.