Relevant introduction of functional fabrics


Functional Fabric characteristics The characteristic of […]

Functional Fabric characteristics
The characteristic of functional fabrics is the uniqueness and functionality of this fabric. Compared with other general clothing fabrics, this fabric has a very special role and super performance. For example, in outdoor sports, the clothing made of this fabric has a strong protective effect, which can allow people to explore and harsh Under the environment, you can also get protection from clothes.
What are the functional fabrics
At present, the types of functional fabrics on the market are still very rich, the same as our bedding fabrics, so in fact, people are already very familiar with this fabric in real life. At present, the main common functional fabrics include quick-drying fabrics, UV-resistant fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, windproof fleece fabrics, and fleece fabrics. In addition, some people also said that functional fabrics also include flame retardant fabrics and discolored fabrics. Super waterproof fabric, antistatic fabric, thermal insulation fabric, waterproof and breathable functional fabric, etc.

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