Precautions when purchasing mattresses


1. Look at the mattress from the product logo. Genuine […]

1. Look at the mattress from the product logo.
Genuine mattress, the product is marked with: registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, certificate of conformity and credit card. On the contrary, it may be a counterfeit product with a low price.
2. Judging the quality of the mattress from the work of the fabric
High-quality mattress fabric, uniform tension, no obvious wrinkles, jumpers; no pressure on the mattress, and feel comfortable. On the contrary, it is a poor quality product.
3. Buy cotton mattresses to guard against "black heart cotton"
Black heart cotton refers to inferior cotton, does not meet the national standard, and sleeps on the mattress, which will cause damage to the health of the body.
4. See health and environmental certification
The fabric and the cushion are applied to the human body, such as inferior materials, releasing harmful gases, and long-term contact with the human body may cause discomfort. The quality of the mattress can refer to the national standard, and the imported brand can refer to whether it is certified by the EU “Safe Choice”.