Knitted fabrics have creases/chicken paw prints


Knitting fabrics appear crease / chicken paw print reas […]

Knitting fabrics appear crease / chicken paw print reasons:

1. Cooling speed is too fast

2. The matching between the cloth and the nozzle is not good, and the speed control of the vehicle is not suitable!

3. The best way for creases of heavy fabrics and fully lined stretch fabrics is to pre-dye before dyeing, otherwise it will not be solved in good dyeing tanks;

4. Pay attention to the arrangement of the cylinder capacity. For fabrics that are easy to wrinkle, the cylinder capacity should not be too large, generally not more than 80%;

5. The temperature rise and fall control is good, the temperature rise/lower temperature of 1-1.5, more than 80 degrees can not be directly drained into the cold water, can be overflowed with water to wash, slowly reduce the problem;

6. Increase the bath ratio 1:15-1:20.