• Classification of functional textiles

    Classification of functional textiles

    According to different functions, the functional requirements of people's clothing fabrics include: light use requirements: such as machine washable (thin, easy to wash), washable and wearable (quick-drying, iron-free, flat appearance, shape retention), casual wear; Safety and health requirements: s... read more

    Dec 28,2019 News
  • Fabric types for functional textiles

    Fabric types for functional textiles

    Functional synthetic fabric. It is often processed and produced in cotton printing and dyeing factories or silk factories. It includes the use of functional fibers, such as bamboo charcoal fibers, bamboo fibrils, chitin fibers, hygroscopic and quick-drying fibers, and composite fibers such as variou... read more

    Jan 04,2020 News
  • Related introduction of satin jacquard fabric

    Related introduction of satin jacquard fabric

    Knowledge of "Satin Jacquard Fabric". First of all, please understand these three concepts: plain weave, twill weave, and satin. Plain weave: The fabric woven with plain weave is called plain weave. The warp and weft yarns are interlaced every other yarn (that is, the yarn is 1 up and 1 down). This ... read more

    Jan 11,2020 News