Fabric types for functional textiles


Functional synthetic fabric. It is often processed and […]

Functional synthetic fabric. It is often processed and produced in cotton printing and dyeing factories or silk factories. It includes the use of functional fibers, such as bamboo charcoal fibers, bamboo fibrils, chitin fibers, hygroscopic and quick-drying fibers, and composite fibers such as various functional fibers, for functional finishing, such as soft, hygroscopic, breathable, fluffy, flame-retardant, Three defenses, etc., or a functional coating treatment. Typical fabrics include: polyester-nylon fabrics with nano-three anti-finish finishing and carbon sanding, with significant functions and smooth and waxy feel, suitable for professional wear and casual wear series. The polyester / nylon fabric is finished with a coating, which has the feel of cotton-like, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable, moisture-permeable, and anti-ultraviolet function.
PTT sports fabric, it has good feel, color fastness, elasticity and stain resistance. And good skin feel, excellent moisture-wicking performance. Knitted functional fabrics – including health-care functional fabrics: such as bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics (hygroscopic, wicking odor, antibacterial), nano-silver fiber fabrics (antibacterial, and do not change fiber color, washable, lightfast, high temperature), negative ion fragrance Fabrics (fragrant fragrance, bacteriostatic), germanium fiber fabrics (heat storage, promoting blood circulation, anti-fatigue), enzyme-resistant antibacterial fabrics (natural dyes and treatment agents made of Chinese herbal medicine, plant spices, etc.), natural knitted fabrics after treatment Antibacterial, deodorant, anti-mite and mildew), pearl fiber fabric (beautiful skin care, clear fire and poison, and good gloss and feel). Protective functional fabrics: such as moisture wicking fabrics (coolmax, coolplus, cleancool, etc.), thermal fabrics (zirconium carbide that absorbs light and heat, hygroscopic heating fibers, etc.), fabrics for air conditioning (adjusting temperature, maintaining constant temperature), radiation-proof fabrics (outside The layer is metal blended fiber, the inner layer is natural fiber), and the fabric is easy to care (waterproof, oil-proof, easy to decontaminate).