Classification of functional textiles


According to different functions, the functional requir […]

According to different functions, the functional requirements of people's clothing fabrics include: light use requirements: such as machine washable (thin, easy to wash), washable and wearable (quick-drying, iron-free, flat appearance, shape retention), casual wear; Safety and health requirements: such as comfort (hygroscopic, breathable, no itchiness, no cold feeling, etc.), harmless and good for health (antibacterial, deodorant, anti-ultraviolet, magnetotherapy and heating effect, etc.) , Anti-compression, anti-cosmic ray and anti-corrosion, anti-static, flame retardant, etc.), environmental protection (no pollution to the environment, etc.).
Whether it is general clothing (including suits, casual clothes, sportswear, various uniforms and clothing for the elderly and infants, etc.) that people wear daily, or special work clothing (including aerospace, marine development, electronic precision manufacturing and assembly, and forestry , Mining, civil construction, etc.) have both requirements.
Functional fabrics can be obtained using functional fibers and functional finishing.
Functional fibers include: modified fibers, such as pilling resistance, antistatic properties, hydrophilicity, flame resistance, etc. modified at the raw material stage; hollow fibers, shaped composite fibers, and ultra-fine Fiber, etc.
Far-infrared fiber containing new ceramic micropowder, thermal storage insulation fiber (can absorb visible light and infrared rays in solar radiation, and convert it into thermal energy, and can reflect human thermal radiation), UV-resistant fiber (polyester with ceramic micropowder), antibacterial and deodorant Fiber, deodorant fiber, heating fiber, magnetic fiber, etc.
Functional finishing includes: comfort finishing, which is reflected in breathable, moisture-permeable, lightweight, slippery, antistatic, hydrophilic, hygroscopic, quick-drying, and automatic temperature adjustment. Sanitary finishing, reflecting its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Protective finishing, reflected in flame retardant, UV resistance, radiation protection, etc. Health-care finishing is reflected in skin-friendly, far-infrared. Easy storage finishing, reflected in anti-wrinkle, moth-resistant functional finishing. Environmental protection is reflected in no pollution to the environment.